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Originally Posted by Slowdive View Post
Some of the high risk corners were padded, some of the wall gave you a good amount of run off before you hit. Some areas a hard crash would really suck.

In the end I think it depends on whether you view track days as race practice or just a place to have fun (the school hosting this more or less said this word for word). Tamworth wasn't built to be a moto racetrack, but then again neither is the Cherohala, Dragon or the BRP.

Id rather not go down at all, but the Armco isn't as intimidating as this...

I dont know about you guys but I ride a 3rd as hard (even on my fastest road rides at those places) as I do at a track day. And who wants to spend 200 bucks for a trackday that is littered with areas of extreme danger, the whole idea of a trackday for me is it should be much safer than road riding and you can push yourself without those dangers. Unfortunately a lot of tracks aren't safe or they don't get the maintenance they should to keep riders safe. A lot of tracks are managed by people who are car focused and they dont stop to think about how debris off track or a gully washed out around the edge from last nights rain might cause severe problems for a motorcycle - much less armco on the outsides of the corners.


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