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Most of the time the head rounds out (as opposed to stripping the threads) and yes that is a pain. It happens most when they are over tightened or soft (stainless steel) fasteners are used, no need to worry just always attack them as it they are about to round out before you touch them and you will not have a problem. Always use a sharp tool and seat it well in the first place. They are low torque as the springs help keep them tight so no need to loctite or make the little bolts super tight. If unsure use factory torque spec and a proper torque wrench.

The stainless socket heads are easier than a standard steel to round out but can be used with care as above. I have not tried the torx head in this application but it should work fine too, torx-plus would be better still but you need to make sure your bit is correct as well because a standard torx fits a torx-plus but increases the chances of rounding the fastener and breaking the bit.
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