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Keep in mind different parts of the world saw different spec bikes so I hate to say something has never been done, safer to say to the best of my knowledge IN MY COUNTRY. I have been bitten by the difference more than once on here when I forget this is a world wide forum.

Carby 750SS had a single disc in the USA and I use it just this way on the track to instruct. Plenty of brake for a bike this weight and power if you maximize what you have. better pads and braided lines are a minimum. I like the fact a single disc front end is a good 5lbs lighter than a dual disc and it is all unsprung weight right off your front wheel. I did find at a certain power level it gets harder to get away with it on the track but for street use I have ridden many worse dual disc setups such as oem gsxr1000 w/tokico calipers , yamaha R1 first gen . These setups can be made better obviously but as delivered a dual setup is not necessarily better.

The 750ssie in the US did have duals but the sport was a single, I find the riders preference is what we are talking about as the majority will not come close to needing all of what the single gives let alone duals. The feel and confidence are the big gain with duals, much like over tiring a bike for a slow rider may make them faster as it boosts confidence rather than gives added traction. most of what we need is between our ears so what ever works for you , great!
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