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Single front rotor on some 750s .. ???

It seems like some of the 750 SS models had a single front disc brake.

This got me looking at some of the specs, comparing the 750 with the 900. Both seem to weigh almost the same (close enough to call them equal). The 750 specs say it's good for roughly 125mph top speed.

So the 750 and 900 weigh the same, and the 750 has a respectable top speed.

That having been said, why does the 750 have a single front disc, and the 900 have dual front discs? It would seem that if one disc is good enough to haul down a 400 pound motorcycle (the 750) it would be good enough to haul down another 400 pound motorcycle (the 900).

Was it just about marketing? Or was the 750 supposed to be an economy bike (hence fewer parts, meaning front brakes)? Or what? I'm just attempting to learn up on these motorcycles.


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