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Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
I can pretty much guarantee those shocks will be a problem mounted on the S (where the ecu expects a semi-active rear)... codes and misery trying to figure out how to stop them.

If you're 100% sportmode and never ride any other way (touring) then the Sach's is likely not adding much (and the non-s version of the bike is hopefully the one you bought). If you like riding hard but also need to tour then IMO semi-active is well worth it (I'd never want to switch to a fixed setup personally).

IMO what the DVT multi's really need are more progressive spring options... we can get fixed rate aftermarket springs but then you're sacrificing touring chops on the altar of performance (assuming that 95% of riders don't go through a manual adjustment every time their riding circumstances change) - I would like maybe 15-20% higher rates but maintaining the same progressive ratio. Nobody out there doing that the last time I checked (last year).
These are all good points but coming up on a year and haven't taken it out of touring mode. I guess I need to evaluate again after the full service. Fork oil/seals will be changed and the local dealer does full shock service. The owner said 30-40K is more typical for rear refresh. Buuut, Wilbers uses the same high-spec innards and suggests a freshen up after two years of use. Something about a trade-off between smooth operation and longevity.

Maybe a better question is how many here have had their shock serviced and at what mileage? Cost? The MTS has been around a few years with that same shock I imagine. I also imagine that all the low mile machines on CL aren't anywhere near needing it, but members here are getting way down the road.

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