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Aftermarket shocks/springs

Searched around for related topics and found nothing for the MTS.

Although I like the relatively soft set up on the '15 MTS, there's room for improvement. Question is, how to get there? New spring thrown on the existing Sachs/Ohlins? Rebuild the unit itself with new bushings and oil?

One aspect of bike ownership that escapes most riders (including me), is the frequency of shock/fork services. Same applies to cars but different discussion. After many years of dealing with used and near-new bikes, it's obvious this is one of the most overlooked safety concerns, right behind brakes (and the required flushes!). Wilbers says send it back every two years for a freshenup.

Since Ducati throws fairly high-spec kit on the MTS and other expensive models, it's fair to say it's not so much an issue compared to a "parts bin" Jap bike like the inadequately suspended FZ7 and the like. That being said...

Take a look at the Wilbers for Ducati, and weigh in if you or anyone else has used it. One of these shocks transformed my FZ1. Around $550 US, it was the best money spent for those of us that actually commute hard daily. Here's the model they list. It's twice the price, but I imagine a Ducati service gets up halfway there.


The remote preload adjustment for the MTS is fine and dandy if you need a wide range of adjustment. Most of us dwell in that one space, with the same loads, daily driving.

My bike is approaching 18K miles quickly and I have the fuel issues sorted. The handling has held firm, but will degrade over the next 18K and I want it better, not a gradual degradation. Looking to head that off. Anyone go past OEM/Ohlins to another manufacturer?


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