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Originally Posted by Rex Coil 7 View Post
Member *RockAZ, really nice basic machine! What did you have to pay for that bike? I'm looking for one myself but the likelihood of finding one in Yuma is about as high as finding ocean near all of the ~beach~ (ahem ...sand) around here!

I'd be willing to drive to Tucson or Phx ... I'll keep searching, one is bound to surface!!


After a lengthy CL search of the West Coast CLs from San Diego to Seattle I found there are a handful of 900SS's for sale in SoCal. A buddy of mine is also on the hunt for an old slab side 900SS, hence my search for one in his interests.

Los Angeles CL yielded the most results, I think there were 6 or 7 there. I found one on Vegas CL and another on Portland CL. A couple of those had no images. Keywords I used in my search were Ducati 900SS, Ducati SS, 900 supersport and just the year of the bike I was after.

I ran those keywords in my CL search in each of the major metro area CLs on the West Coast. Bay Area CL usually yields the best results but as of Wednesday, my last CL search showed no old school supersports on Bay Area CL. .... hope you find that useful info....sean

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