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Originally Posted by duc96cr View Post
Seriously, thatís not normal at all. Are you saying it starts and runs fine but just flattens out in top gear and wonít rev anymore at 160 kph ? First would be check fuel flow. Do you hear your pump running when you turn the key on ? If youíre getting decent fuel flow at the carbs, do a tune up. Check for a clogged air filter. Run some SeaFoam through it. Remove your air filter and make sure both carb slides open when you turn the throttle with engine running.
It is 2002 so no carbs!
It would not even start if there was no fuel pump sound.

Agree with checking the air filter.
Also fuel filter.
Could be clogged injectors, so the Seafoam would help.

Do you get a "whoosh" sound when you open the gas cap.
That could be blocked, but a common issue is when lowering the tank (after lifting) it is unfortunately easy to kink the fuel pipes.

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