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As a test, the local Ducati shop set up three jars of identical E10 premium fuel with an uncoated non-stainless metal screw floating in the bottom to be allowed to be exposed similar to an uncoated metal tank. They then dropped in a few ounces of tap water. One jar was untreated, one used Seafoam and one used K100. They've been sitting out at the parts counter for a few years now; they set it up thinking Seafoam would win because it's the market choice.

The untreated jar is a hot mess of rusty brown juice and the screw looks like a meth addicts tooth. The Seafoam shows discoloration and water separation, but the water mixes back in with some simple agitation; the screw is oxidized but whole. The K100 treatment looks like fresh gas, the screw looks untouched and the water remains separated regardless of the amount of agitation.

It's a really effective demonstration and K100 is now my stabilizer of choice.


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