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I would add Startron to the list.

My procedure for uncoated tanks is to fill them to the brim with shit gas and add Startron to neutralize the crap and Stabil to keep it alive for more than two weeks.
For coated or plastic tanks, I remove the gas if the bike is going to sit but, otherwise, Rule #1 applies.
I have a no E guy near me that is close to reasonable so I use that also for stuff that sits, but still follow the Rule #1 additives.
I have also been known to cut the shit gas with AVGAS or racing fuel to lower the shit %.
For bikes that have been sitting off season with 4-5 month old Rule #1 gas, I remove the gas and replace it with new Rule #1 gas and then ride it.
My lawn mower and pickup truck are the recipients of the old Rule #1 gas.

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