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Originally Posted by ifly65 View Post
I have noticed the cost of doing a solo seat is going to be more than I thought. After you buy the seat, hardware, pads and have it painted it could be north of $1000.00. Sharkskinz is more than Airtech by about $90.00 not including the $75.00 shipping...

Which is better Airtech or Onemoto?

Which one is heavier or sturdier?

Ive read the Sharkskinz has molded supports built in, does that mean I don't need OEM brackets at those places?

How much is the used OEM vintage 900ss Superlight II solo seat (If you can find one)?

I went with AirTech for mine. If you want to go that route, allow for a 3 week lead time on production. I don't know about the avialability of Sharkskinz so I can not adequately comment on that subject. I do know they have a stellar reputation for a quality product. I've seen some of their stuff for other bikes and it is indeed really good stuff.

I considered the RSR Moto stuff too, as from what I can see it looks of very high quality. I'm planning on getting my front and rear fenders from them.

Also, Combi here on the forum is making a carbon solo tail that it appears to need only the upholstry to fit. He's built in the supports to sit on the frame to take the load of the riders weight.

As for the OEM Superlight solo seat, I saw one going for $500 on eBay right around a month ago. I don't know if it sold at that price or if that was the beginning auction price. Only that I saw the listing for $500 one day, and it was gone the next day.

Unless you were to go with the solo unit Combi has made, you'll need all the support brackets and the rubber mount cushions to go with the solo unit, unless you have a different method to support the riders weight. Otherwise your nice new solo tail will end up cracked from the stress of holding up the rider with only the 4 bolts to support you......sean

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