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Originally Posted by belter View Post
there's no spacer on the right, that's the axle. there's a spacer on the lh side where the speedo drive used to be. if it has moved that far then nothing is seized.
Judging from the diagram here https://ducatiparts.bmwmcjax.com/a/D...A_2003-86.html it appears that @belter is correct and there is no spacer, - what we're seeing is simply the difference in the diameter of the axle that looks like a spacer. Either the axle frozen on the inner wheel bearing race ID or something (rust, crud) is preventing it from sliding through the fork. The forks are split underneath - a hardwood or aluminum wedge (OK, use a shorty screwdriver if you're careful) may be inserted in the split and tapped in carefully open it up a few thou to give the fat end of the axle more clearance.

You have to carefully analyze this thing and ID exactly where and how the axle is hanging up. What a pain in the neck.

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