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Originally Posted by Old rider View Post
Personally. I'd be very happy to hear a full explanation rather than a quick summary. It's the potential for fire that worries most people rather than the possibility of the battery dying. If the battery or reg/rec catches fire, we potentially lose the whole bike.
So really these two go hand in hand, the protections are put in place to not only prevent the battery from dying to but to protect the battery from being damaged altogether and put into a state where it is susceptible to thermal runaway. How it lays out is as follow,

1. Charging the battery at a standard rate (such as how the bike will charge it) when the battery is over discharged is a scenario that can seriously damage the battery and lead to this. In other words if the voltage on the battery is drained below 10v or so you do not want to jump or bump start the bike as the battery needs to be messaged up slowly until it's back to a normal state and can accept the regular charge rate. Typically we recommend an intelligent lithium charger that has the ability to detect this and charge it properly. What the BMS in the battery is doing is never allowing the battery to get that low so it can not be put in an over discharged state.

2. Another way the battery can be put into thermal runaway is overcharging. A typical charging system should be putting out around 14.4v-14.6v when running at higher RPM's but if it's not functioning correctly and voltage is exceeding past 15v or higher the cells can again be severely damaged. In the same manner the BMS protections cut the battery off from the system if it detects high voltage coming through the charging system.

So what we're really talking about here with the Re-Start series and the BMS is all around protection for the battery stability and functionality. Hopefully that sheds a little light but please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions at all. You can always email me directly as well at [email protected] as I'll see and be able to reply sooner than directly in the forum.

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