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Originally Posted by chad-ANTIGRAVITYLITHIUMBATTERIES View Post
So the quick summary is that you have over discharge, over charge, as well as thermal protections built in. To elaborate a little, the BMS(Battery management system) built into the battery will put it into a sleep mode if any of these conditions outside of normal operating parameters exist. For example, let's say you leave an accessory running, key in the ignition or something that would typically be causing the battery to get drained and eventually over discharged, The battery shuts itself off to prevent this from happening and at the same time does it at a point where you still have enough reserve to be able to stat the bike at least a few times at the touch of a button.

For those interested check out the vendor thread for the special on Ducati batteries going on right now.

Personally. I'd be very happy to hear a full explanation rather than a quick summary. It's the potential for fire that worries most people rather than the possibility of the battery dying. If the battery or reg/rec catches fire, we potentially lose the whole bike.
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