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Originally Posted by chad-ANTIGRAVITYLITHIUMBATTERIES View Post
Hi everyone, just wanted to chime in here to add a little additional info as we just came back recently as site sponsors.

Essentially the concern with charging here is that a lot of bikes from the mid 80's and older were using old style mechanical voltage regulators. Sure you can test your output but if it's randomly failing, sticking and spiking voltage (which at some point after time it will) you may not catch it. Keep in mind this is also harmful to lead/acid batteries but just not as detrimental as it can be to lithium. So the safe solution here is just updating to modern solid state components that will work in proper tolerance.

While one of the key benefits is weight with lithium batteries it's not always going to make a spectacular difference, especially in heavier bikes but there are other benefits such as physical size, peak performance output, having twice the cranking power, and a longer lifespan when maintained properly. While Tamaran was looking at the AG-1201 which doesn't have any additional protections built in and maintaining becomes extremely vital, it should also be noted that there are options available as well like our RE-START series which have protections built in to help ensure that battery is maintained.

As I mentioned we recently just signed on as sponsors so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have on lithium or any of our products.
It would be good to know what the protections are that built into the ReStart batteries.
Lithium batteries are definitely the future but most of us have been holding fire on them until such time as they are as reliable and safe to install in an older machine as lead acid. If your ReStart batteries have indeed reached that stage, then you could be getting a flood of orders...
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