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Don't worry too much, old Ducatis are both simple and sturdy. That external filter looks fine based on the color but maybe it is a little restrictive (ie: designed for 14-16psi instead of 2-3psi pressure) for use on a racetrack or the way you ride, so if it's clogged or too restrictive you can replace it for less than two bucks with a larger generic inline one from any auto parts store.

Fuel pumps on the these old girls only need about 3psi to get the game on, not much will mess them up since they are such low power - as long as sticky or crunchy stuff doesn't get into the system they will last longer than my heart with my love of cheese and pasta.

But rust flakes are bad, that is what you are looking for. So, take some pics once you have it opened, don't smoke while you are doing it!

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