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I think there are a couple of posts, and I did find a YouTube video once. It's pretty straight forward, run all the gas out of the tank by removing either the external filter (during Ducvets test) or the hose after the "Y" connector and run it into a gas can by flipping the key on without starting it.

Get the cap off, mind the tiny socket head screws and don't back them all the way out if you can help it.

The filter can be seen easily once you have that out of the way. The pump is snapped into a pair of metal clips, have to loosen the hose clamps. The pick up filter "screen" is snapped into the bottom of the pump.

It's a good time to really look close at the condition of the interior paint - and the submersed hoses. I would go ahead and replace the hoses with the right type since it's so old, and the filter sock too.

Putting the O-ring back on with the little screws can be frustrating but take it slow doing only a little bit at a time with small plastic tools as well as a little bit of lube (I used K&N filter lube because I had some).

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