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Originally Posted by draganc View Post
Definitely should stick out of the basket!

Did you bleed your clutch line?

Ill bet you $2 that if you open the bleed screw it will drop down and push the rod back into the original position, “lowering” your stack.

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Yep, bled when I did it, no change.

Originally Posted by xracer View Post
One to many friction plates. If you did it it will slip our when the pressure plate is engaged and WILL jam the plate and stop your ride.
Tried removing one of the plates, it seems to behave correctly with no slipping, and rattles like it should, keeping this for now, did hard pulls with no slippage, and shifting/neutural was fine.

Originally Posted by belter View Post
while the sps did have 8 friction plates, it had a surflex sintered brass looking (or whatever it is) friction plate set, which also had thinner 1.5mm steel plates. i don't recall ever actually measuring the thickness of one, but from memory it's much the same as the organic 7 friction pack at 38.5mm.

the 1098, etc, pack has 8 frictions and is about 41mm thick from memory. they also have a lot of 1.5mm steels, but are still thicker than the old surflex 8 friction pack.
Interesting, I'll have to count the plates and do some measurement, Thanks!

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