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What I dorm which gets me to a sort of acceptable rear brake is this...

I unmount the caliper and undo all the clips that remain the brake line. That gets me enough free ply that I can put the caliper on the rear seat, and with some careful use of twine, I can keep the brake line routed so it doesn't dip or create a low spot on its way up to the seat.

Then I use my Motive power bleeder (the cap I had for my Lotus and my BMW conveniently fits the rear reservoir) filling it with a liter or more of fluid, pressurizing it, then letting it pump almost all of that fluid through the system at pressure.

I wish there was a way to trigger the ABS pumps while doing this but thatís a pipe dream. I am reasonably convinced that the last air bubble Iím trying to eliminate is in the plumbing for the linked brakes and thus not part of the regular fluid path. Maybe.

Anyway, I can lock up the rear, even if it is a little spongy. And I can definitely feel the difference when the computer is doing the linked braking thing as it firms up all of a sudden.

Itís livable. If it starts to irritate me I just wind on and pop a small wheelie. Then all is well.
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