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Originally Posted by flynbulldog View Post
Hmmm I think that statement came out wrong, what I meant was that the Monster asks less from a rider and to me its easier to ride than the Streetfighter is. I wasnt trying to say that Streetfighter riders (me included) are somehow more skilled than other riders. I'm a pretty mediocre rider and I know it. What I really mean is that the SF takes a long time and some determination to get comfortable on it - that's all. I dont think most people get on the SF and really like it right off the bat.

(I edited that sentence in the original post)
I guess a messily 848SF is not allowed to participate in the member measuring contest? lol

When I rode a moded up SFS it was an experience I loved immediately but is was a $30,000Cdn bike at the time. It sat in the dealers show room for what seemed like years as well. I couldnít swing it at the time.

For the record after getting my 848 SF I got a super discounted new R1 Rossi edition as a second bike added Akrapovic , then traded that for a 1199 Panigale and added a full Termi system which I loved for a time and then moved that for a 2017 1200s Multistarda added full Termi.

Content for now but the Tuono intrigues me but the average light low end and mid range grunt does not excited me as much.

The discussion about the Monster 1200R is a very interesting one. It doesnít get the respect which is puzzling indeed. Pricey but sweet.

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