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Originally Posted by Antigrav View Post
I"m not getting the logic of some of the posts.... Yes it's zero tolerance, but if you leave you restaurant being cool and not doing wheelies, speeding, or weaving they don't have reason to pull you over. The one or two drinks mean nothing...no harm no foul so why worry... right? Ride cool and no one would know anything. Why be scared unless a cop is outside waiting for you. In that case freaking don't drink...

But if you start riding fast because you got your buzz on and are drawing attention to yourself then you will probably get pulled over...then I say don't blame the law blame yourself. Its just simple self responsibility and common sense...
On the surface it doesnt appear too bad but legislation is a slippery slope. I think the main problem is some of the laws that are getting passed are a bit too Orwellian. We really dont need big brother in every aspect of our life. If you are riding sensible and have had 2 drinks you are really no danger to anyone but the police can charge you with it if so inclined under the zero tolerance rules. If you are riding like an ass odds are you have had more than a couple and should be stopped. As I said before, stupid causes alot more accidents than booze.
This is just another case of legislators doing something to give the appearance of looking out for public safety. They pick on motorcycles because we are a small enough group that they feel we can be easily defeated.
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