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Make sure your boy friend knows that his opinion is only one data point. Checking opinions of owners of both bikes will be good but often biased in favor of what they bought. I would start with sitting on both and finding out if either can be made even better to fit you.

Know what kind of person you are and be honest.
1. you keep your bikes and it will be a lifelong friend.
2. you like to keep something for a few years and upgrade to new technology or simply to try something else.

If you are #1 research to know what you are getting into but then buy more with your heart. If you are okay with a few issues because overall the bike simply makes you feel great then do not care about a few small issues either may have as it is a long term relationship.

If you are #2 then it does not matter much which one you chose as one of the nice things about #2 is that it will be short term only and if you chose wrong so what you will change again shortly. No bad answer if you are a #2.

You also may want your boy friend to know that the same rules apply to him
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