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Originally Posted by shanetbird View Post
There is a new do gooders preposal for zero tolarance for alcohol for motor cycle riders here in Queensland NOT CAR DRIVERS . there still .05

thats is F%$#k buul S**T
think your got worse law makers
Why do you guys bitch about this??? ...A bike takes way more skill to ride than it does to drive a car. You are leaning over going into turns and being buzzed on alchohol the leaning will really make your head wacky. It takes serious clear headedness to brake and concentrate on riding a bike...I don't want some buzzed squid riding a high powered bike around ever. Same goes for cars. But get real why bitch about laws and drinking... I don't give a shit if some dumb ass kills himself riding buzzed but the fact is most these drunk fucks ruin other people lives because they chose to ride or drive buzzed. Just one thought about how devastated I would be losing a family member because of some drunk asswipe chose to ride buzzed make me never question these laws....
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