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I'm 59, 5'6 with a 29" inseam. I've got a 1098R as well as a number of bikes which are taller and shorter than the 1098. I used to shy away from bikes where i could not touch toes on both sides at the same time, but learning to ride off road has made me comfortable with tall seat heights. My dirtbike is kick start only with a 37" seat height. I wish I had learned to better deal with tall seats heights years earlier than I did.

If you haven't learned to deal with tall seat heights, then it makes sense to shy away from them. If you want to learn to deal with them, I'd recommend learning to ride a dirtbike. There is a MSF off road beginner's riding course in my area which offers loaner bikes, just like the beginner road course. They teach you how to cross a telephone pole, how to deal with slick surfaces, how to slide the rear to steer and how to deal with not being able to touch both feet to the ground at the same time.
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