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I'm 5'3" and i ride all sorts of bikes, experience has allowed me to ride multistradas and BMW GS1150's with no problem at all, granted, i wouldn't own one because they really are a stretch for a shortarse like me but height, or lack of it is not a hinderance if you know how to ride and have the confidence and common sense to think ahead.

I ride a 1098R which has a tall seat which combined with the reach to the bars means only the ball of one foot touches the ground, which foot? depends on the fall of the road, i don't kick my star from on the bike and i don't walk it backwards on board, you just have to know what you can reach and what you can't and ride accordingly.

I'm 50, i've always been short and i've always ridden big sports bikes, the fact that you're asking the question says to me that you're not confident and probably don't have much in the way of experience riding big bikes, you can choose a monster or a Diavel, (i have one and i've had three monsters as well) and gain more experience and confidence or you can jump in and buy the bike you want and just make it work, it's only ever an issue when you're stopped, and i can say your low speed skills will improve out of sight without the easy foot dab to bail you out too.
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