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Originally Posted by loony888 View Post
On those the belts are scheduled for every two years, however plenty run them longer, especially if it's ridden often. Valve check/adjustment is every 6k miles and oil and filter changes not sure but yearly or every 3000 miles seems about right.

It's nice but i'm curious why if it's a 900 it has a steel swingarm and a 4.5" wheel, they were on 750SS not 900SS (at least over here, can't say for sure on US bikes)

Thanks for the service info. This is a 3rd bike in the stable, so I'll definitely be riding it at least every other weekend for safe spirited engagements in the mountains.

I could be wrong about the swing arm being steel versus aluminum (guess I need to put a magnet on it), but the rear wheel is 4.5" - saw the 4.5" identifier mark on one of the wheel spokes.

I remember finding/reading this thread about the swing arm, which leads me to believe mine is steel. The welds lead me to believe its steel.

A wider wheel/tire would look good back there between those D&D's though!

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