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I think PT was really on to something with the 999, only most of us didn't know it (and didn't like it) when it first arrived. After reading Cathcart's book on the 999 and seeing the bike in person many times (each time "getting" it a little more), I've really come to appreciate what he did--a total redesign of an iconic bike from the inside-out, outside-in, and any other way possible. After thinking I was going to buy a 748 I decided I liked the look of the 749 better. The adjustability of the riding position was also a plus. A bonus turned out to be how much easier it is to work on. The **9 has aged extremely well as it was so far ahead of the curve. His original drawings were more beautiful than the production bike--some of his ideas either didn't translate well to production or were too expensive. Even if you don't particularly care for the designs of Terblanche, you gotta give the guy credit for what he did, IMO.
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