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If I were you I would not touc electronics regardless of being savy, but this bile has 4 comps any any deviation beside original may cause false warning on you dashboard. This is why you can not find it on google.
I would not mess around without Ducati service Comp. Good luck with your endeavour.

QUOTE=ChrisE;4923409]So just got my 2015 and I need to run a couple of power leads from the battery to the handlebar area.

I have both seats off and I'm pretty mechanically savvy, but not having a chance to study all the various bodywork panels, I don't want to just start tugging and break tabs etc.

I'm sure the earlier models have similar attachment as the 2015 model, so can anyone point me in the direction of some instructions or videos.

I had a quick scan through the manual and I don't see any references in there.

I did a google search and pretty much came up empty.

Much appreciated.[/QUOTE]
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