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You say you took it to Ducati and they had to clean a lot of stuff out.
There are several ways of looking at this:

First, the 750km, only 450 miles in 3+ years left a lot of water collecting ethanol in the tank and you aren't through cleaning out the resulting corrosion.
Second, the Ducati shop lied about dynoing the bike.
Third, the problem is TPS related because a misadjustment or malfunction results in exactly the type of running you describe. The third option implies the second, although the likelihood of water corrosion in a bike that is that low mileage is high unless the fuel was drained or non-alcohol fuel was used exclusively, so the work may not have been uncalled for. If they dynoed the bike, you should have a run sheet with the identity of your bike on it as well as the name of the company, date, operator and Make/Model of dyno. It might make redline but the power output would be way down if partial throttle. That's assuming the throttle position wasn't logged.

As far as a plugged air filter, that would certainly reduce full throttle performance but the bike would have had to go through a shit storm in that small amount of mileage to exceed the filter capacity.

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