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What? Only 2 options? I can't choose either.

I would pick a "A little bit louder without being obnoxious" or "Loud pipes are fine if ridden conscientiously".

I am well aware my 900ss is really loud and not everybody likes it, so I don't rev high in neighborhoods, or in front of a cafe where people are eating outside, for example. The other day my wife and I were enjoying a late evening drink at a restaurant with outdoor seating. This guy on a big bagger Harley fired up his bike with the pipes facing right at us from about 10 feet away. It sounded really nice, at first, but then he proceeded to rev the piss out of it 6-8 times. It was painfully loud to me... and I'm not nearly as sensitive to loud sounds as my wife. THEN he turned on his stereo, cranking ACDCs Back in Black as he goosed it out of the parking lot. He went around the corner where I couldn't see him and must have been caught by a red light because he started revving the motor again. He must have been 4-5 blocks away before I couldn't hear the music anymore, and even further for the pipes.
Long story short, "loudness" is only one part of the equation. Manners matter just as much.

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