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Originally Posted by steve__d View Post
… This comment: "...but for a lot of people – particularly the non-riding public – loud exhausts prove to be obnoxious."
Asinine statement. What facts are the basis of this comment?
Perhaps the fact that it’s true? For a lot of people – particularly the non-riding public – loud exhausts DO prove to be obnoxious. To deny that reality is asinine.

Originally Posted by Bob McCarthy View Post
People who voted against, either
don't ride
don't live in a city with masses of teenagers texting
don't live in a high density traffic area with multiple lanes
Don't live in Texas with little discipline on the highway being allowed to cruise in any lane and switch frequently
Don't own a Ducati
False. False. False. True, but I did ride for 25 years in SoCal, and the last 5 years in New England – Los Angeles and Boston are both worse than anything Texas has to offer. And false.

Perhaps people who voted against have found that people who are insulated in their cars and distracted don’t wake up for loud pipes, especially when the sound of the pipes goes mostly to the rear, while the threats of the road mostly come from the front.


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