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Originally Posted by racer162 View Post
Annual oil change only one time a year ouch.
When you said " We did the timing belts" and "was surprised to see how loose the belts were but they were in new condition for being 4 years old"

Do you mean you replaced them or just adjusted them? They should be adjusted ( as needed? Every couple thousand Kilometers and replaced every 2 years regardless.
Just a friendly tip...
I see what you are saying but This is a very low mile bike that gets detailed more than its ridden.

Last oil change was about 300 miles / 1 year ago.

Belts were done about 4 years ago when the bike had 5800 miles, it is now at 6800 miles when we just replaced them again. We could of easily adjusted them but what is the point while you are at that stage. I don't ever buy into what is "recommended"

I am the original owner of this bike and in 6800 miles of its life it had 14 oil changes, 3 sets of belts and 2 sets of tires. .......So I would say she is in pretty good condition.

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