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So what's the story of how you came into possession of it? You knew it was a "fixer-upper" when you chased after it?
Yeah I bought it from a local importer/ exporter. He had 4-5 of them but the others were out of my poverty ass price range. The '79 he has is awesome and pristine. He was working on a '76 900ss and a '74 750ss the other day when I went there. This was cheap enough to leave a healthy budget for parts. The attraction was that it has 19xxx km on it. Overall condition is consistent with the kms.

I considered a Laverda as well but getting hold of one proved impossible without importing it myself. This was here and I have my S2 and all the experience involved with keeping that running without a local dealer anywhere around.

So I started searching for another bevel and found out they are really thin on the ground now, and I can't believe how much people are asking for high km Darmahs, 750 & 860GTs. I think it is interesting that a 900S2 can still be found at half reasonable prices. Probably because of the garbage IF wrote years ago and everyone blindly believed. You just need to embrace the Volvo front quarter look of them.

My S2 was in storage for 15years till a conversation with Duccout convinced me to get it out of mothballs again. Here it is the day I dragged it out.

Over the years I have resisted the temptation to change the glass on it. I just think it is what it is, ugly as buggery. Duccout has almost convinced me to change the fairing to lighten the front. Years ago I matched the spring rates to my weight, handling has always been excellent.

ST4s 03 'SL900 S5 #6 '84 S2 '83MHR.
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