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Originally Posted by Finally home View Post
Not quite yet.
The new exhaust system came from FBF and it has the "spaghetti" header. Beautifully crafted piece but I'm still working to get it to fit properly. The front pipe was too close to the oil cooler line but I was able to move the cooler over slightly to hopefully provide enough clearance. Current issue is it is touching the left faring insulation. Looks like I have to move the header higher to get away from this and then pray the cans will still be positioned properly.
Nothing is easy!
BTW: I also had the dealer replace all the fluids including the fork oil which involves pulling them out and turning them upside down.
I really admire your goal of going back to original. My exhaust system had replacement carbon cans installed (poorly too) and I would have had to source a set of nice originals. In addition - I'm heading for a more open system to let out that great Ducati sound. The top of my airbox had also been cut off so I found an original replacement from Ed at Duc Power. I was worried the open filter would have had water issues if it happened to rain.
Looking forward to more stories of your adventure.
As one who has a full SilMoto system - match it up with a set of FCR's (sounds like you can afford them ). The two work together beautifully. As for the airbox - as per my sig - I'm running mine with the lid on (and uncut), but with the rubber 'trumpets' removed, so it breathes through the two large holes left. Reduces the intake noise by quite a bit (over a lidless or cut down lid), but still flows far better than with the trumpets fitted. And NO water issues (I've ridden in some truly horrible conditions over the years).

I'm running my exhaust open (no dB killers), and while noisy when I'm hard on the gas, it's remarkably quiet at cruising (100-110kph) speeds. I tried the dB killers with just the mufflers and everything else standard, and they restricted the exhaust so much, the bike would hardly run - and it was WAY quieter than the stock mufflers. An improvement was made by removing the 'disc' from the inside end of the dB killers - this brought the noise level up to about par with the standard mufflers, and allowed the bike to run. That was going to be plan B if the open system was too loud to pass a WOF (govt. roadworthiness tests), but it passed easily.

'95 900 Superlight IV #064

Mods are: K&N filter, airbox lid on with rubber trumpets removed, MBP collets, full SMI (SilMoto Italia) spaghetti exhaust with 'open' carbon cans, 41mm FCR's - #182 mains!, Barnett alloy clutch basket, Oberon slave cylinder, Ohlins fork springs, Ohlins rear shock, Verlicchi swingarm.
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