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Have a Shorai in both bikes. No problems yet. They have survived a couple periods of winter storage with only the ST4s being kept on the dedicated tender due the constant draw of the clock and immo. The 916 is just left as is. When that bike is off, it's really off. They have a very good initial capacity to start your bike quickly and they weigh nothing.

I do feel they (the technology, not Shorai) have some drawbacks and I would probably not use one in the ST if I were going to tour on it. The way they have just dropped off for some people without warning, sensitivity to over or under performing charging systems, the apparent lack of deep capacity for those times your bike may not want to start right away or the potential for catastrophic meltdown. These problems seem to be more infrequent as the technology matures, especially if you stick to the name brands and not source a bargain battery somewhere.

They weight difference between the Shorai and AGM or Lead Acid batteries is shocking. You pick one up and it feels like one of those "display" batteries you sometimes find a shops, just an empty shell.

I was definitely not an early adopter, but I am coming around. I still feel they don't belong in something like an ST if you're going to use it for multi-day trips far away from home. I have no rational reason to have that opinion, as long as your bike is working well, and I guess it would need to be no matter the battery if you're going to use it on a long trip!

Regarding accessory loads. Not somthign I personally deal with, but if you are not exceeding your generators's disposable capacity, as in what's left over after accounting for the bike's electronics and need to keep the battery charged, then I can't see where it would be any problem at all. If you exceed the capacity of your generator, I don't think the Shorai would handle the constant draw very well.

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