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It's sickening. I have watched my city, Portland, go from a town your could transit across in a half hours to a traffic nightmare as the density increases. Oregonians have always zippered at an on ramp but the many of immigrants from the state to the south of us hug a bumper and look straight ahead, only giving way when losing a game of chicken.

Yesterday, I had to drive across town to my daughter's to help her with a sick dog. I was on I-5 and moving up a bridge ramp with a merge lane to the right. The newish Honda Civic in front of me decided to not let a car in. Maybe she was spaced out, I don't know but I left plenty of room for the man in an SUV to get behind her. He didn't. He pulled his bumper to within about 2 inches of the woman's front fender and hung his entire upper torso out of the window while he screamed at her and flipper her off in an animated fashion for about 90 seconds. We were stopped. She could not move. I though there was a good chance he was going to get out of his car. After a while, mid screaming rant, he turned and looked at me across the space I had left for him to merge. I pointed to my $40 dash cam with one finger. He retracted into his vehicle and backed it up a couple feet. I like to think he gave a thought to how he must have looked during his tirade.

I was actually concerned he might get out or pull a gun out and I would be helpless. I see this type of behavior at least once a month. The thing about it is, it's almost always a big guy yelling at a woman. This story is a good example that it isn't always a guy being the bully.

In the news story, I don't know what they argued about. I think usually somebody feels cheated or gets scared. We have a saying in our family, "let the cheaters merge". It turns out traffic keeps moving a whole lot better if you do than when you try to squeeze a cheater out.

We are kind of a liberal state and all, but when we attempted to make a few changes to allow lane splitting at intersections, the last woman to speak before the vote said, "they should have to wait like everybody else." So, we wait to get crushed.

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