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Some Help Removing Side Panel Please?

Hi all,

Been away for a while, not been riding due to health problems but now on the mend. Had my 'puter stolen at about the time I got sick so its been a bugger trying to get internet access too. Any help at all would be much appreciated for my little problem. I'm trying to install a small compact air-horn, a Stebel 'Ear-Canon', on my 2014 Multi. I can only find one place to fit it and that is exactly where the existing 'angry mosquito' electric horn lives at the moment. It will be a really tight fit and until I get in there I won't know just how tight.

My problem is that I cannot remove the side panel which covers the area. I can get one bolt out but the others seem 'stuck' meaning they appear to have 'something' on the side that's out of view holding them and they won't pull off. I've never had to work on my Multi before and would be very thankful for any one who could either tell me what I'm doing wrong or point me to a diagram of some sort.

I think I'll be fine doing the electric connection, I just can't get this damn side panel off to get to the horn. Ta!

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