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Ever had one of 'those' days?

You know - when it seems like the universe is conspiring to defeat any chance of going for a ride?

I spotted some oily 'deposits' on the ground underneath my bike yesterday, so looked more closely, and discovered that my oil level was no longer visible. It was full. I finally got caught by the dreaded FCR sticky float valve. Not too bad, as I was already about to change oil and filter anyway, and the tank was pretty well emptied out from the previous ride. However - I have still been having problems with a slight stutter/misfire at about 1500 - 3500 rpms (I had it some time back - thought I had cleared it, but then the bike sat for a few months). As part of my efforts to clear this problem, I'd dumped a 1/3 of a bottle of fuel system cleaner into the tank, and had been running that through. I think it unstuck something solid.

So today, jobs are to change the oil and filter, and stop the carbs flooding. First off, drain oil - got 4 litres out. Very runny oil at that. New filter, new oil, and that job is good.

Try dumping fuel in carb bowls (checked drain 'cap', and no signs of crud in fuel), and running some fresh through - nope. Still misfiring. Bad when first started up, so I figure the float valve is still leaking. Next step - pull carbs. Yay. Not one of my favourite jobs. So, out they come, pilot jets checked (all good and clean), idle mixture screws reset. Floats removed, valve checked. Cleaner sprayed into float valve seats. All gets put back together. Fire it up - and it's running better - but still flooding one pot when the engine is off. BUGGER! So I'm going to have to pull the damn carbs AGAIN, and really flush the fuel lines and float valves.

Anyway - I'm thinking, "it's a nice night - I might just go for a ride anyway, and with some luck, the crud will drop out..." Get my gear on (by now, it's 10:30 at night), get on the bike, and fire it up. Lights on. Hmmm. Lights on. Lights on high - yup. Bugger again! No low beam. That's it. The gods have got the message across. PARK THE BIKE!

'95 900 Superlight IV #064

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That sucks. It's 20 f here with snow. That sucks too.

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be sure to check float height if you have them off again and you can bench test them to make sure the floats are sealing. You might add a inline filter that is external , clear would be best so you can see if you have any debris getting in. If you do not then it can later be removed and put back to stock.

Yes some times you are best listening to those little voices as who knows how the ride may have come out.
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Yes I call them Rumpol poofinger days - everything I touch turns to shite...
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Once I was preparing for a Soaring competition. A week to prepare for the trip south. Tires, wheel bearing issues and a door hinge issue were tackled during the week and that was just on the trailer. Now, my glider was being prepared the day before departure and it was very time consuming. So much to do with planning and clean up and battery preparation and loading maps into the devices and all was looking like I would possibly make it. I just had to adapt an oxygen bottle mount to the bottle that went with the system I was taking. I decided to make a foam spacer set to place the bottle inside the larger dock. I ran into the basement wood shop I had at at the time to use the bandsaw to cut the foam. Ack, wrong blade. Whipped off the blade and put on an appropriate one. Then I did the unthinkable because I was in a hurry. I didn't put the blades cover back on. As I was cutting the last piece, standing beside the saw, facing the blade, my left hand contacted the blade coming down the back of the saw. It went into the end of my finger, and the nail and bone apparently slowed it down and i jerked it back out.
Now, I have dinged myself up in many endeavors before so I wrapped bandages around it after tried to wash it off and covered the bandages with duct tape. That slowed the bleeding down about 95%. It was still dripping a little so I bagged it with a plastic bag. I managed to get the Oxygen tank in to makes sure it fit. Then I was trying to place the glider back inside my trailer. I got the fuselage in but my hand was throbbing so much I had to keep it on top of my head most of the time and I couldn't manage pushing the wings back in beside the fuselage. My neighbor was mowing his yard but he gave up because it was getting dark and he came over to say Hi. I asked him to help me. We got them in and then he said, "why are you holding your hand over your head?" So, I explained it to him. He was ok with it but then his wife came over looking for him and sees my bagged hand. She comes unglued and tells her husband that "you idiots are driving to emergency right now!" At the hospital they made a big deal about bone fragments so I didn't get out of there until about 1AM. Then my hand throbbed for about two hours, laying on a pillow on my chest so I didn't get to sleep until 3Am and I had to depart at 5AM to get there and complete registration. So, yah, sometimes the messages are strong but sometimes the fun is just too much to give up the endeavor. I drove 6 hours to arrive before registration check in closed at noon. I didn't win but I did make a decent showing. The distraction of the competition was more than the pain. It only really bothered me each night after dinner. When I got back home, 6 days later, my wife and 2 year old daughter, who had been visiting relatives, came out to greet me as I was unhooking the trailer from my van. When my daughter saw my bandaged hand she started crying, then she scolded me. Twenty three years later, she is still scolding me. I haven't injured myself on a bandsaw since then but I did stick a sawzall blade into my right shin bone being careless in an entirely different manner.
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Re. Ever had one of "those" days?


A thousand pardons for laughing Steve but when you have one of "those" days that's really about all you can do. I should know I had two of "those" days this past summer with my RC51.

Out tearing it up in the countryside the last Saturday in June I was exiting a fast sweeping right-hander,I had just gotten hard on the gas when I heard and felt a loud "BANG" at the rear of the bike.
Immediately pulled the clutch in and looked down at the tach to see if the engine was still running. Yep. Gave the throttle a slow blip and the revs came up so I ever so slowly released the clutch. No drive at all,I was thinking "WTF did I blow up the clutch?"
Pulled over and looked down to find my c/f chainguard was a broken and mangled mess beneath the undertail and my chain was missing. Walked back to look for it,nothing but tall grass on either side of the road. Never found it. Had to call a tow truck to come pick me up.

Installed a brand new chain and drive sprockets on Wednesday of that week and took the bike out the following Saturday. I was out riding on that same road where I lost my chain but this time I was about 15 miles further West. Rolled up to a Stop sign and pulled in the clutch,the bike immediately died. I'm thinkin' to myself "Now what!"
Looked down to see no lights at all on my dash with the key in the ON position. At that point I'm thinkin' "Uh oh,this ain't good." Cycled the key OFF and then ON again,the lights came on briefly and then immediately died. Pushed the bike about a quarter mile up the road to a restaurant parking lot and once again,within the space of a week,called a tow truck to come pick me up.

A later post-mortem revealed that the stator had shorted internally and took out the R/R with it. Bought a new stator and a MOSFET R/R then removed the main wire harness,completely rewired my charging system,relocated the R/R to the front of the bike to get more cooling air flow over it,and installed a small digital volt meter under my dash so I could see in real time what the charging system was doing. Didn't ride at all the rest of the month of July.

Alright so here's the thing Steve,what are the odds that at about the same time of day on the same road one week and 15 miles apart from each other I would have two catastrophic failures that would leave me stranded and the same tow truck driver driving the same truck would come to pick me up.

After writing out the check for the second tow I looked at the bill and found that he'd given me a $30.00 repeat customer discount. I just shook my head and had to laugh.
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Haha - so I'm not the only one then.

So far so good - changed out the bulb - dead filament. Pulled the carbs AGAIN - and I'm pretty sure that I got the bit of crud this time. I flushed the lines and valves into a clean container, and spotted a couple of small flecks. Carbs and airbox all back in again (man I hate that job - getting the rubber cones to reseat in the airbox is a mission - but dishwash liquid and a pair of pliers did it, without me bleeding everywhere). Bike started OK - but still has that bloody rough spot from about 1500 - 3500 rpm. But I stopped it, and left it to sit for a while - and this time it started up fine, with no signs of any flooding, so I'll say that the floats are doing the right thing now. Now just the rough running to sort. I'm beginning to swing back to something ignition based, as all the work I've done on the carbs, hasn't really made much of a difference to it.

@ducvet - I checked the float heights - both are set the same. But I think I'll be sourcing an external fuel tap, and adding an inline filter sometime soon.

BTW - it's 24C here right now - and working in a tin shed is NOT fun. Or cold. But better than a couple of days ago, when we had a mini heat wave - 33C during the day, and 23C at night (for 2 days). Last night it cooled off - down to 6C. Weird weather this summer.

Probably the best I didn't ride yesterday - I hadn't realised how much the damn petrol fumes had got me... Until I could still taste them, a couple of hours after I had packed up for the night - and my head was still spinning a bit.

Now to put the fairing on, and go for a test run.
@stoshmonster - I reckon the chances of being picked up by the same truck was probably quite good if you were rural. Probably the ONLY truck in the area. But yeah - that sort of fits into the 'one of those weeks' category.

'95 900 Superlight IV #064

Mods are: K&N filter, airbox lid on with rubber trumpets removed, MBP collets, full SMI (SilMoto Italia) spaghetti exhaust with 'open' carbon cans, 41mm FCR's - #182 mains!, Barnett alloy clutch basket, Oberon slave cylinder, Ohlins fork springs, Ohlins rear shock, Verlicchi swingarm.
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