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aussiekeeper Oct 11th, 2006 9:17 pm

1993 Superlight and 1996 900SS
I am offered a 1993 Superlight for $10,000, it has 2,200 miles and looks like it has been in a time capsule, perfect. Has all maintenance. Yellow, white frame.

Or, a 1996 900 ss, 25,000 miles, red, looks NEW. All maintenance records,$5,500.

I am interested in both, however, I will only buy one. I will ride only once in a while, probably the SL even less.
I cannot find any info on the SL, is it rare?

My question is are these good prices? Is the SL a collector bike?
ANY other info is appreciated. They are owned by a scientist and collector, if that makes any difference.


flyhack72 Oct 11th, 2006 10:31 pm

I'm sure there will be others that will have more to say about the SL. I don't have my Ducati book handy right now, but I can tell you that the SL is something that you will find once in a blue moon (not very often). If I recall correctly, the book that breaks down the past 60 years of Ducati bikes states that the SL is one of the best bikes that Ducati ever made. Of course it's more expensive than the other, but it is heads and shoulders above it (and most other bikes out there). The added a great deal of goodies (along with shedding the weight) with this bike (primarily a race replica). If I had the chance, out of any of the bikes that Ducati has made in recent history, this would be the one I would get.

Just my two cents. Happy hunting, and let me know how it goes. Hell, if you don't pull the trigger, I may have to look into having it shipped here!!!


billyb Oct 12th, 2006 8:26 am

Its really the 1992 Sl that had alot of weight savings vs. the regular bikes, because they had some fancy Marivic wheels. The 93 Sl came with normal Brembo wheels like the regular SS. A Sl is a collectors bike, however. Personnaly I would go with the 96 (although 5,500 is a bit high on the price range), just because by then all of the marjor bugs had been sorted. You would probably get more enjoyment out of the 96, because you won't be worried about putting miles on it. You can just go out and enjoy it. Either way though they are great bikes. Good luck

aussiekeeper Oct 12th, 2006 8:42 am

Actually the SL has the Akront/Marvic 2-piece wheels on it.

RickD Oct 12th, 2006 9:40 am

Price for the SL is in line with the one pictured below, with 15,000 miles on it, from Craigslist.



number9 Oct 12th, 2006 9:44 am

Do you really like SLs enough to have one as a collectible, or would you be riding it like a daily? If daily, keep the money and buy the other bike. The price difference would go a long way towards paying for mods, insurance, maintenance, etc.

Hell, for $10k I'd buy a 996!

Oldduc Oct 12th, 2006 10:05 am

converting the prices from Aus$ to US$ gives $7500 US for the SL and $4125 for the SS/SP.

Probably fair - perhaps a little bit high for the SL, although with the Marvic wheels it is the only SL worth paying a premium for.

Iwannaduc Oct 12th, 2006 1:32 pm

I remember sat in front of the Ducati dealer in Oxford staring at a SL back in 92. I was in awe back then. It's still such a beautiful bike. I'd love to own one but I couldn't let it sit, I'd have to ride it.......sean

SamsonNg Oct 12th, 2006 1:41 pm

I'd try to find a FE for about $7kish.....

RichieW Oct 12th, 2006 4:23 pm

Why an FE rather than an SL? Are they more rare?!!


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