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designing the 'ultimate' 1.6M chip

I stopped into my local Ducati dealer a couple of days ago to check out what the newest technology has to offer. The salesman was explaining that the ECU's now have the ability to switch fuel/spark maps (hi/low). Pretty cool I thought to myself. Then another thought crossed my mind: why can't we (those of us with 1.6M ECUs) have the same thing?

Let's back up a couple of steps. I've been REing chips for the 1.6M computer for the last 1.5 years. Why? I like to see how things work. About nine months of that time was REing the UM222 chip. All this REing has showed me that there is room to add more spark/fuel maps, more code, etc. to the chip.

Now back to my original question. Why can't we have the same thing? Well because no one has made it.

My specialty is reverse engineering but I'm also a software engineer and can write code in many languages. One of those languages is assembly I also have an extensive background in electronics. There isn't much I can't do when it comes to software/hardware and electronics (thank the US military for this ability).

My question I pose to you all, a brain-storming of sorts, is if you could design the ultimate 1.6M chip what features would it have?

A couple come to my mind immediately:
- multiple fuel maps
- multiple spark maps
- ability to disable trims (all of them or certain ones)

Surely there are more but those come to my mind immediately.

How would these features be enabled? The only way it could be done (with what we have to work with) is via software/hardware. The software part would be contained in the chip. Passing a certain byte combination would enable/disable each feature. Just like you currently send $AA and then another byte to enable diagnostic tests you would send some other byte (say $AB) and then another byte to enable/disable the feature (maybe $AB to enable and $AC to disable). The hardware part would require the cable to interface to the ECU and another microcontroller (basic stamp would be perfect for this or the propeller) or software running on a laptop to send the necessary bytes to enable/disable the features (my open-source 1.6M ECU software could easily be updated for this).

All of this is easily doable and I've already started writing the code for multiple spark/fuel maps. I'm using my own '99 996S as a test bed.

The microcontroller used in the 1.6M ECU has full serial duplex capability. This means it can be told to constantly spit out bytes so that another microcontroller (or laptop via software) can get constant information from the ECU (like the UM222's 'bogus' bytes that are sent out when you try to connect to it). This can be used to create a digital dash. A microcontroller can be used to poll the data (or interpret the data being sent) and display that data to an LCD screen or in the case of Parallax's Propeller chip can be used to provide an NTSC signal to drive a monitor.

The possibilities are really endless. All it takes is the code to make it happen and any external hardware.

I'm curious to hear what you all would consider the 'ultimate' 1.6M chip.
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As far as programming goes I'm not one to ask... But in terms of function I'd love to see a literal switch to cycle between maps. Have a little weatherproof microswitch you could mount on the bars for on-the-fly adjustment.

To be honest I'm not sure I'd see the advantage of multiple maps though. Usually you get it near as dammit to perfect and then you have no reason to mess around with different settings. Our bikes don't make enough power to justify a "rain" mode, and personally I always like my bikes to have the sharpest throttle response possible, at all times. What did you have in mind?

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Before I say anything else, I think what you are doing is ingenious. You can say otherwise, but coming from a mind not geared toward non-verbal languages and programing, credit it is due to you for the work you have done.

As far as suggestions, the "speak" of what you have done work is mildly cryptic to me and I had to invest some time to understand what you wrote on the previous thread. My point is that your lingua franca is not everyone else's common language, and my suggestion is that if you write a program for the 1.6 make it accessible in laymen's terms. If not that, then allow getting to know the software simple so that one is not intimidated to learn how to use it precisely.

And, you know as well as I do that images work very well. While I know programming real-time images and graphs is a whole new level of work, simple imagery (graphing) is not and would really help out a lot.

No matter what you do, I am interested.

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What I think would be very good would be make it possible connect the ECU to stream datas to a innovate LM-2 lambda logger or similar to be able to do good logging of AFR for good and easy on the road loggings.

Like it is now I am using the TPS voltage and a clamp on the ignition lead to get RPM and TPS.

What would be good would be to have an interface so I could log TPS, RPM, Ignition advance,injector duration (to be able to see duty time) dorect from the ECU.

If it is possible to make an interface for this life would be much easier.

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I'm with Jocke here. Some method of logging lambda against alpha-n would be very useful for setting things up. I've been looking at some alternative ECUs and they have the ability to change the map on-the-fly using the output from lambda sensors. Would this be possible?

Disabling sensors would be useful for diagnostics or get-you-home but I doubt are really necessary. An alternative 'rain map' isn't such a bad idea, especially if you end up with a peaky 'I wanna be a two stroke' devil of a motor.

User friendlyness has got to be a big priority. I'm playing around with the available free software at the moment. Some of it is pretty nifty stuff but an absolute bastard to get to connect with the ECU. How-to's are also going to be important and I suppose this is where those of use who tried machine code and then retreated to the bar to nurse sore heads can help out?
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just go back the military. your ideas sound interesting - but we're riding bikes, not military drones. I think your expertise is best put to use for what it was intended - blowing stuff up
as well as killing anyone unfortunate enough to get in the way (friendly or unfriendly). best of luck, GI Joe!

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Originally Posted by jackbauer View Post
just go back the military. your ideas sound interesting - but we're riding bikes, not military drones. I think your expertise is best put to use for what it was intended - blowing stuff up
as well as killing anyone unfortunate enough to get in the way (friendly or unfriendly). best of luck, GI Joe!

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I completely disagree with the above. Do what you're passionate about.

Thanks for your mind and for sharing part of it with us and for your shared enthusiasm for Ducati and motorcycles in general. As far as feedback on your ideas, what's really needed in the community is an open source tuning tool and ecu interface for many of the bikes including the Multistrada, panigale, and diavel.

Something like "openecu" which is heavily used by the Subaru and Mitsubishi community. Hook it up to odbII and you have a free logging tool as well as a way to backup and flash the ecu. The community publishes maps for specific setups, and local tuners benefit from advanced tuning tools that don't cost the tuners or end users an arm and a leg.

My $.02

Thanks again for wanting feedback, for your service, and kudos on having a great mind.

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Could a gyroscope be involved to feed lean angle data back into the information loop? Love that you are following your creative impulse.

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i definitely love to have the ability to log afrs after each session at the track on my hybrid bike(748/999r) so a interface with a wide it would be a must have

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I think what you are doing is freaking awesome!

I would like to add if you need a Beta tester, my bike and I are at your disposal.
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