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Thumbs down Deer vs. my Multi the other day

Low speed fortunately probably 20mph or so and a small doe. I emerged unscathed, wasn't a terribly hard hit and a glancing one at that, was able to ride it out and pull over, park it roadside on the side stand with no issues. But I did litter the roadway with plastic faring parts. Nothing leaking. Here's what I can see so far:

- Front fender completely sheared in half, back half and mudguard barely attached, all sensor cords and brake lines look okay
- Lower fork fairings: rightside completely torn off, left side broke in half near top
- Intake beak slightly displaced where it comes together, the center seam.
- Oil cooler loose in mounting, hoses okay
- Radiator some minor scuff with micro denting at top left, all hoses okay, radiator maybe off level slightly but looks okay otherwise
- Lower painted (boomerang shaped) radiator and wind fairing on left side torn clean off
- MAP sensor for horizontal cylinder broke off at nipple (hose off broken nipple in hose end)
- Tail tidy (OEM) that holds license plate and turn signals torn clean off just below tail light.
- Left side pillion's footpeg is loose and rattles around in housing, can't figure out why as the peg/pannier strut assembly looks unbent/undamaged.

She was small and she darted low, I hit her around her head/neck/shoulders frontal area causing her right flanks to come around and rake down the left side of bike. Hit my leg but no damage (wearing overpants w/ knee armor). Cannot figure out how she took off the tail section from tail light back, although I might have spun her enough that her ass hit it. Headlights and above untouched. She went under the beak, no apparent evidence of a strike to the front tip of the beak.

After a few minutes laying stunned on the ground by a mailbox post she got up and hauled ass.

My initial feeling was of course goddammit my bike. But I consider myself lucky in the sense that I stayed up and was able to pull over and park normally.

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