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Warning.. California Superbike School

Hi all,

I wanted to post and warn anyone looking to peruse the California Superbike school based on my experience.

Firstly, I was one of the biggest fans of this company. I had successfully attended and finished the level 1 course. I was hooked and wanted to complete all other levels in time.

I was so enthusiastic about the experience, that when I received an email from them looking for local new staff to help out, I applied. It would have introduced me closer to the world of Track days with continued learning about a new passion I was now caught up with.

I had booked my next level 2 course for November 1st. I paid my $575 well in advance. I had even arranged for the head instructor of the course to meet and view my riding on the day of the course which happened to be on a Sunday. I was pumped.

Owning a busy and successful Medical organisation, I don't have much time to spend on myself outside of a busy family. However, I had decided with my wife's blessing that my spare time was going to involve further training through CSB as well as possible work.

My date for level 2 was Sunday 1st November. On the Saturday 17th October, whist riding home from watching qualifying at Philip Island, I was struck from my bike by a P plate driver. He attempted to achieve a last minute 90 degree turn across the highway. He took me out and sent my bike and I flying down the road. I was shaken, bruised and scratched. The bike was stuffed.

I spent most of that next week with bike shops, insurance companies and doctors. I also called the Californian Superbike School on Thursday. Officially 10 days prior to my level 2 ride previously booked. I explained to a female lady (one of two internal staff) of my incident. I explained that although I would not be in a position to attend on my scheduled day, that I wanted to book for a time in the future. I explained that I had looked on their web site for future dates which only showed December options. I went on to explain that due to work commitments overseas that 2016 was the only times available for me. I was told that ere were not any dates for 2016 at that point.

We agreed that I would email directly the head riding coach. I did this immediately and explained my position and asked about further information on 2016 dates. I received a response the following Monday. This was officially 6 days prior to my scheduled event. The instructor copied in the lady I had previously spoken with the week prior along with my original email. It stated that I needed to speak with other staff she had included as this area was not her expertise.

Two days later, I received an email from the company with official release dates of 2016. Within an hour, I emailed the lady I originally spoke with the week prior requesting to book a January date. The same girl included on emails from the head riding instructor.

The following day, I received a direct and short response from this internal staff member stating I had fallen outside of the required 7 day notice period and would not be eligible for change or refund. I called her directly and presented myself thinking she had me mixed with other bookings. No. She new whom I was and was ready with a company line. No refund and no changes.

I asked to speak with her manager. I have since learned that the second internal employee that is titled a manager of customer service sits alongside the other only internal employee and was ready for me. She stated that although I had called the week earlier, that she had her staff member story that I never officially cancelled my booking the week prior on the phone. I tri d hard to get explain my story, however there was no way they were budging.

25 minutes went on until the manager (one of two people) stated she wanted my number and the owner Steve would call me back. I agreed.

Steve called me back. Without listening to my position, he began to tell me how rude and unprofessional I had been. He began to tell me how I wasted 30 minutes of his staff time via telephone. I tried to speak however he kept shutting me down. I tried explaining how I was a fan and wanted nothing more than to continue with the courses. He wouldn't listen. I then asked about a refund based on my unfortunate accident and fact I had given required notice of cancellation. He told me to put in writing my issue and he would review. However, he again accused me of wasting their time.

I wrote to Steve. I explained in detail just like I have here of my situation. I have heard nothing.

I write to anyone interested in the California Superbike School. It is a terrific experience. However, if you look to cancel or change or deviate at all on your booking, say goodbye to your money. They are not there to help.

I have since found many people effected by this company in a similar way as myself.

It is now not the money that is my issue. It is the principal and he manner in which I have been treated. I plan to take this to whatever levels necessary to protect others whilst teaching them a lesson.

Thank you for reading.


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