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Originally Posted by Bob T View Post
...First of all I am not a cynic but a realist who has worked in engineering all of my life. Please do not think that any engineer will specify any particular brand of oil, it is the accountants that do that. The engineer will specify the viscosity and minimum rating (API or Euro ACEA spec)...
I am also a mechanical engineer, and have been for my entire professional career, beginning with R&D design/engineering of attack submarine combat systems for 12 years when I first got out of school and working for the a design engineering software company for the last 22. If the wording of my response led you to the conclusion that it was my belief that the engineers at Ducati specifically requested Motul 300-V, and re-reading what I wrote I can see how you would get that impression, then my apologies as that was not my intent. However, they did design around the specifications of a lubricant whose requirements were met by Motul, and most likely several others as well. My point was that it met their requirements and they endorsed it, and that is good enough for me.

The "cynic" comment was with regards to your view that all of these companies exist solely to profit. I feel it is a bit cynical to make that sort of assumption and I disagree with that view. Every organization I ever belonged to, and every design I ever initiated or participated in was intended first and foremost to solve a problem, or to create something that had never been created. I worked for and with people that inspired me, and do to this day. That was why I became an engineer in the first place... money had nothing to do with it. Personal satisfaction did.

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