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Originally Posted by Bob T View Post
It was recommended by Ducati because it meets the same specs as many other oils, but Motul either gave it for free to Ducati or it was supplied to Ducati at a very discounted price. It is no better than any other oil of the same specification only cheaper.
Oil companies are the same as bike manufacturers, a business, and as such do not exist to do nice things and make nice stuff for you, but they are there to make money.
Are we to suppose that you have a reliable source you can cite to affirm those statements, other than companies are in business to make money?

As for differences in oil specifications, yes the specifications exist and the oils are formulated to meet them, but what about the additive packages? Each company has the ability to specify their own additive package formula, and therein is a difference.

BTW, making nice stuff for us is one of several business strategies. What else would they consider, an objective to make not so nice stuff for us?
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