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Originally Posted by davy.j View Post
Use what you like but I can tell you this, modern car oils don't contain the zinc and phosphorus anti wear additives that dedicated 4T bike oils do.
Cars don't share the same oil between engine and gearbox either.
4T bike oils are made to the old SG formula, car oils have gradually reduced the "good" additives to meet constantly evolving emissions regulations and are up to SM now
You only need the zinc and phosphorous when normal lubrication has failed and then you are probably screwed anyway,Also there is a good argument for using as little in the way of additives as possible so there is more oil to do the lubricating. Plenty cars use the same engine oil as gearbox oil. There is such a thing as progress and the additives are also constantly evolving. You don't think they took the zinc and phosphorous out and didn't put something else in?

Damn! Now look what I've gone and done!

It's called a bloody oil GALLERY!
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