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TomTom Sep 9th, 2016 1:21 pm

Good day tuning a stock classic.
Today I tried to figure out what is narrow sector on a Scrambler and then find a suitable way to do something about it.
So tank had to come off and coffee pot on, then some moaning and looking around. I had previously tried fitting an extra filter to it with no real success, not really sure why it didnt cut the cake though = give that up.
However I noticed that removing the snorkle gave a solid result across the range. So today I looked at how much of the airbox could be eliminated before the main filter, ie the portion on top of the box pre main filter. Quite a lot, using a soldering iron and away it went. Turned out it was quite a restriction!
The result here is a Classic model bone stock in red, blue is the same bike but with airbox mod and mapping. Its lean as it comes so you need to sort fueling, anyhow Im impressed with the result from mapping and soldering iron alone eh!?
Did a few changes to make it less twitchy in first gear aswell, very easy to coast around in first gear now.


TomTom Sep 12th, 2016 2:47 pm

TomTom Oct 25th, 2016 10:10 am

Tried the box mod once more with the same good result. This time with Acra half system, ie the one that begins just rear of the right footpeg, it also came with the Termi slip upmap installed, else untouched.

Ran it as it came (blue lines) 2x3 pulls after engine warmed up to operating temp, then disconnected lambdas put a good map on and opened the airbox as per the above pics, then same test again with 2x3 runs(red lines).


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