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Moving on up to the FCR carbs. I decided on buying a set of Split 41mm carbs with one horizontal configuration and one downdraft configuration.

Now I know everyone says buy them from Chris at CA Cycleworks, but I have to say I have not had very good luck with him. I am sure he is a very busy guy and I can tell he has had great advice for many of the members here, but every time I have tried to talk to him (2x to him and one to his helper lady) he does a great job of telling me that my project is a waste of money and it will be nothing but trouble. Basically, if I want more power I should just buy another bike. Hmm, well sorry to say I have not been able to get him to take any of my money ever. So I am sure his concerns are valid for many, I just get the feeling he discounts everyone ability to be successful at doing nothing more than bolting on a pre-configured set of banked carbs. I do appreciate his honesty and integrity for just not selling people product he knows may be trouble, so I am sure he is a great vendor, just not for me. So... I do want to thank Guy Martin at MBP Ducati and Chad at Sudco along with Brad Black for all of the help and wisdom they so freely offer up. I ended buying them directly from Sudco with jetting configurations suggested by Guy. I got a little confused along the way and Brad was quick to reply back to a PM of mine with advice. Such good people on this community.

I am going to completely re-wire the system to allow for the Ignitch with TPS, a relay for direct power to the coils and Ignitech along with a new Mofset type regulator.

Starting with the TPS for the FCR carbs. There is a guy who has made a bolt on kit for the KTM bikes, but he was never able to get it back in production for me to simply buy this from him. I needed to design my own.

I dissembled the downdraft carb removing the shaft. I then purchased a precision 8mm stainless steel dowel pin from Mcmaster car, and machined a key on to it. I then determined the correct length I needed to extend the throttle shaft and welded it on to the existing shaft.

I then bought a TPS from a Yamaha 450 dirt bike and designed a mounting bracket in CAD. I have a 3d printer at work that I can use for anything I want, so I ended up printing many of the parts for this project out on it. The TPS mount being one of them.

Here is a picture of the TPS mount in CAD

The 3d printer we have is made by a company called a Stratasis and the model is the Fortus 250mc with an a envelope of 10x10x12

About Fortus 250mc Product 3D Manufacturing Machine | Stratasys

Basically you hit print and a few hours later you take your part out of the machine. It is made from ABS plastic and works well for low strength objects.

This is what the machine looks like

This is the finished printed part bolted to the carb and the TPS sensor mounted

And a shot of the sensor

For any of you interested in the 3d CAD files I designed to build all of my custom parts. I made them available for viwing in 3D or for download if you want to use them on your own projects (STEP format). Please be cool and don't take the designs and make them for sale to others without asking my permission first. I am not here for profit but to help other get their projects going. Thanks for respecting this.

The website is called GrabCad and you may have to register to see them or download them. Here is a link to my project with all of my parts. Some we have not discussed yet, but will get to soon.

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