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I can verify that I can reset the service indicators with tuneboy. Just did the Desmo indicator recently.
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But aren't the adjustments by the O2 sensors made by the ECU, not the O2 sensors themselves?
Yes the ecu just deals with the data from the sensors. As far as I know (and I clearly do not know everything) the O2 sensors on the bike work essentially as a on off switch. The sensor reads and sends a voltage that the ecu interprets as a CO value, then the ECU takes that value and looks up what the program wants the value to be. If it is out of the range desired by the programmer it adds or removes fuel until it see's the value. This is how the aftermarket O2 sensors work IIRC they take the sensors value output and lie to the ECU so it thinks the bike is leaner than it is. The narrow range may be by design because too rich might (no idea) damage an existing catalytic converter where a de-cated bike should not be harmed.

couldn't the ECU just be reprogramed to adjust the CO to higher levels like you say by a tuner that flashes the ECU?
I am not a programmer so I can not tell you why not but I would think that would be the best scenario. Rapidbike accesses and probably tricks the O2 sensors giving you control through a steal the information and lie to the ecu plan but gives more flexibility as well as keeping the O2 sensors helps the bike maintain a good air fuel ratio. In theory.. sorry my inner skeptic waiting for more long term results. I like proof more than testimonials.

A narrow band sensor is what you have on the bike and it works more like the on/off switch. A wide band will read much more accurately and faster so you get better results. This is what a dyno uses. I am not sure if it is cost reasons we do not get wide band sensors on the bikes or durability. My dyno goes through 1-2 sensors a year and if I run race gas/aviation fuel that drops to a couple hundred runs. If that were a street bike you would NOT like the added costs.

In a perfect world the O2 sensors would be running (wide band probably) and the ecu would be able to be set for what ever CO values you want. The ecu could then self map and you truly could auto map for what ever you want.
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I am not sure why this is not available (still not a programmer) but there are probably many reasons, the largest one being Governments do not care if your bike runs good only that the loudest voices make sure it does not pollute. What you get from the factories (all of them) will never be the best they can build it is more the best compromise they can build. Some times they get it right and others they focus too much on areas that they think you care more about.
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I talked to local dyno tuner today, Nate at 2 Wheel DynoWorks in Kirkland, WA. He was very helpful and confirmed what I had suspected. That the Ducati "Race" ECU is 99% the best mapping you can get. This is a guy who tunes these things for a living on a dyno and says he has personally owned 2 of them. He says usually if they have the factory race ECU there is little they can do to improve it.

He says he can richen the from the 14:1 range to 13:1 but that does very little to improve performance. It might improve very slightly in low RPM but none at higher RPM. But the key thing he told me is the engine is just not designed or capable of low RPM smoothness or power any more than I am already getting. The Testastretta 11 is a mid and high rang power maker. At low RPM the engine does not draw enough air effectively. This is not a slight on the engine, it is just a characteristic and why it likes to run so well in the higher range above 3-4K RPM. This confirms that adding a few teeth in the rear sprocket is the best way (at least for me because I already have full Termi) to give better low speed performance by running at slightly higher RPM.

Also he says little to none can be done about slight popping on deceleration. He says this is this is normal with decat and if it is minor that is as good as it can get. Asked why so many people talk about tuning these bikes, he says it is because they don't want to spend the money to get the full system with the race ECU and that you cannot improve on that setup.

He also says Tuneboy is a difficult program that he does not want to use as a dyno tuner. Still I want to be able to do service resets, so now I guess I'll be looking at Tuneboy and Rexxer as only for their ability to do that.
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Yes you can improve (or more apropriatly adjust to suit your bike) the 'Race' DP ecu.

On mine I have a setup to log AFR along with ecu values. Mine has 2 wide band lambda sensors for recording, not to adjust as I go (that is turned off in my ecu as it's a to course). This shows me where I'm rich or lean and I tweak and rewrite a new map.

Not that you need to go to that extent but just go from feel, a few test rides.

Yours will be lean from 3.2(closed) - 8.0 TPS and 1400 - 3200 rpm area.

That area of the 'Race' DP ecu map that's not quite right for you can be adjusted. And it's possible to DIY.

The DP ecu is only somewhere near and not an optimum.

Mine doesn't snatch low down or pop on decel. It would if I used the DP map on it.
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Will a PCV work in place of the Upmap key/USB? The reason I ask is I am looking to buy a 15 MTS with full Termi that the guy put a PCV on. I asked him why and he said he bought the full termi, but did not come with the Upmap.


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2010 valves check is 15000 mi.

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