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900ss FE Performance Restoration

Its that time of the year when the weather gets cold and the bikes go in for work.
This thread is just that, only the project actually started last year at this time. I am in the middle of another project https://www.ducati.ms/forums/77-sport...ject-bike.html
If you are interested. This project got put on hold while waiting for some machine work to get done. So I got bored and started another project.

The original idea I had was to do a bike like Pablo Pirate https://www.ducati.ms/forums/57-super...uperlight.htmlthat took a 900ss bike and stuffed an ST3 motor in it. Good fun, so I found the perfect engine, a 95 ST3 with 2k on it for a great price. Next, to find the donor bike, so off to Craigs list where I found an add for a 900ss FE. Hmmm wanted a SuperLight, but this was basically the same bike, but found out upon reading that it actually had numerous improvements over the SuperLight. I also thought the silver was nice. So I went to check it out and it was beautiful, just under 10k miles, nice condition and it was marked #10 a nice low number (actually one of the lowest numbers in USA besides #4 at the Barber Museum. He wanted 7k for it which was too much for an FE, but it was a good find and I offered him 6k that he took. Off to home to see what I got myself into.
I get it home and start riding it as is, nothing new but tires. Rode it for about 2 months growing to like it more and more all the time. The noise of the carbs is much different than my FI Sport Classic. The bar sweep, the narrow feel, the upright position made it such a nice bike to just relax on and hit some swooping twisties. This all made me conclude that I cant mangle this bike with a motor swap and what else, and I decided instead to do a full restoration with a fully built motor. A real sleeper that would happily cruise around at 4k, then hit it and let the flat slides ripp up to 9k.
Money, yes this is always an issue, but I wont do a project unless I do it with no budget for money or time, just to do what it takes to make me happy. This can be trouble and this bike was no exception as I took it a little over the top
Becaue this forum and this great group of people so hapily give up time to post such useful infor, I almost feel obligated to give back with a nice thread covering the rebuild.
I hope you enjoy the details of last summer and this build I am now just finishing.

Pictures, everybody loves pictures, so I will post a lot of them and try to detail as much as I can. If I miss anything just ask and I will fill in the gaps.

First up

The bike as I bought it. Got it home and stripped the body off for a good cleaning.

More to come...

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