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I visit the site often but don't bother to post much as the new version takes most the space these days. No bashing the new hypers are cool I'm just old school and the air cooled dry clutch mega torque all trellis frame gets my blood boiling.

In 2008 Laguna Seca MotoGP Ducati Island had the Hypermotard display semi on hand with massive Hypers in attendance. That was it for me...game over the 08 Hypermotard 1100S was the bike for me. If you recall back then the marketing from Ducati was larger then life for the new all new hypermotard. " Believe the hype" tag line was in full force with larger then life 4 color real marketing collateral that was all Hypermotard. This was the year to see more Hypers in one place and a change in direction for Ducati was on the way. If you were their the race between Stoner and Rossi was the best will ever see in ones lifetime at Mazda Raceway.

When first released and before going into production Ducati started a blog on their home Internet page just to gage the public reaction to the bike....the Hypermotard was such a hit the volume of activity on the Ducati home site actually CRASH! Never before in history has such a machine drew so much interest from the public. The earlier drafts of the bike called for turn indicators incorporated on the fold out mirrors and a single front disc brake. This was a new concept for Ducati and they took a chance with Terblanche and the Hypermotard. They made it clear that Ducati is building sportbikes-that's it. Of course, you can build many types of sportbikes- a pure sportbike at the time, like the 1098, or a sportbike with a different attitude, like the Hypermotard. People that wanted a Hypermotard in 2007 had to be placed on a list and only selected dealerships with minimal allocations were being delivered into California. The demand was very high and you were lucky if you were one of the few on the list to have a Hypermotard in 2007.

For me the bike touches all the senses. From the moment the dust cover comes off in the garage the experience begins. Starting the bike in the garage and the light flywheel and how the bike accelerates in neutral, the crispy sound through un-baffle 2 into 1 termignoni is all about the experience before even leaving the house. Only the first Gen hyper can bring the soul from the air cooled L-twin directly to the body for me. Riding it only gets better.

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